What does it mean to "speak a foreign language"?

The COF( Common European Framework) defines the mastery of a foreign language like this:
5.1 General competences
5.1.1 declarative knowledge (savoir) knowledge of the world sociocultural knowledge intercultural awareness
5.1.2 skills and know-how (savoir-faire) practical skills and know-how intercultural skills and know-how
5.1.3 existential competence (savoir-ĂȘtre)
5.1.4 ability to learn (savoir-apprendre) language and communication awareness general phonetic skills study skills heuristic skills

5.2 Communicative language competences
5.2.1 Linguistic competences lexical competence grammatical competence semantic competence phonological competence orthographic competence orthoepic competence

5.2.2 sociolinguistic competence markers of social relations politeness conventions expressions of folk-wisdom register differences dialect and accent

5.2.3 pragmatic competences discourse competence functional competence schematic design competence