Language learning

Language can be described through action orientation where the aim is an active use og language for communication
There are categories and subcategories related to knowledge, skills, attitudes and other langauge related categories.This list may help you think of the complexity of teaching and learning a foreign language ( COE, Rammeverket innhold):

4.1 The context of language use
4.1.1 domains
4.1.2 situations
4.1.3 conditions and constraints
4.1.4 the user/learner's mental context
4.1.5 the mental context of the interlocutor(s)

4.2 Communication themes

4.3 Communication tasks and purposes

4.4 Communicative language activities and strategies
4.4.1 productive oral production (speaking) written production (writing)
4.4.2 receptive aural reception (listening) visual reception (reading) audio-visual reception
4.4.3 interactive oral interaction written interaction
4.4.4 mediating

4.5 Communicative language processes
4.5.1 planning
4.5.2 execution production reception interaction
4.5.3 monitoring
4.5.4 practical actions
4.5.5 paralinguistic behaviour
4.5.6 paratextual features